Coffee Classes

Mindfully crafted small batches right here in AZ.

In each class, we discuss the equipment being used and the techniques one can utilize to achieve the best results.

In our Espresso Basics class we go over how an espresso machine works, why it’s so different from other brewing devices, and cover the processes that affect pulling a well extracted shot.
In our Milk Steaming & Preparation class we show you how to steam perfectly textured milk, and why temperature is so important for smooth sweet steamed milk.

Coffee Classes at Firecreek Coffee CompanyLearn with us!

Current Courses:

Every Monday

10am – Espresso Basics

1pm – Milk Steaming & Preparation

To register for classes, please send us a message below.

Firecreek Wholesale customers receive complimentary training.

**Due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis, our classes are suspended for the near future. We will continue to serve our customers in the safest possible manor through roasting and shipping coffee to our wholesale clients. We are also offering take-out options at our cafes. Because this new service model greatly affects our workers, please consider buying a gift card to help support our business today, and join us for a coffee class in the future!

*classes are $30/ session for non-firecreek wholesale participants.